Olivia at 27 Weeks (6 Months)

IMG_2011This week, Olivia:

Had her 6 month doctor’s appointment. She is 15lbs, 6 oz and 27.5 inches! O took all of her shots (including the flu shot) like an old pro, promptly fell asleep, and was back to being her energetic self when she woke up!

Started pulling herself up on the side of the couch – from her knees, all the way to standing!!

Cried when I sneezed loudly. This was the first time she cried in response to a startling noise!

Ate puréed butternut squash, yams, string beans and mashed bananas. Yams are still her favorite.

Now that she’s crawling, it’s almost impossible for Olivia to sit still on our laps when we go out to eat. We were caught unprepared this weekend. O was trying to crawl out of our arms and onto the table. She was reaching for everything, and was unimpressed by the toys we brought along for her. Finally, I asked our waitress for a plastic cup, and that kept O occupied long enough for us to inhale the rest of our food!!

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