Who’s That Mom?

IMG_4215[1]Hi, I’m That Mom!  I told myself I never would be, but everything changed as soon as Olivia and I looked into each others’ eyes. So, yep, I’m now that mom.  Furiously researching what’s best for my baby, reading up on baby development and nutrition, buying tons of the same baby product just to find the one that works for us, looking for the best baby deals, scouring the internet for unique baby clothes, and the list goes on!

I still try to limit my baby Facebook posts out of respect for my friends.  Hey, I’m That Mom, but I’m not quite obnoxious yet.  Give me time.  Plus, that’s what this site is for.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to help other new or expecting moms along the way, but at the very least I’ll have an outlet for all of my mom moments and Olivia will have some interesting reading when she’s older!



  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog and the weekly updates. Its nice to know another mom is going through most of what you are going through. My baby is 4 months. Boy its been a tough 4 months for me being a first time mom. Thank you for taking the time to write all this. What is your most enjoyable age with Olivia so far? When did she get less fussier? My daughter is interacting alot more and is playful but she is also more on the fussier side and dealing with 4 months sleep regression is definately not fun.

    • Thanks so much, Aye!! It’s so hard to choose. I feel like every age is my favorite so far 🙂 I’m loving all of her babbling/speaking, curiosity and snuggles now at 13 months. And seeing her personality develop is so cool. I will say, that after experiencing wonder week 19, everything was much much easier after that! Seriously, the first 4-5 months were the hardest. Afterwards, she was way less fussy, more playful, and slept waaaay better. Hang in there, you’re almost there!!

  2. Hi Mom!
    Thank you for writing about The Wonder Weeks! I am happy to tell you that starting today the new, completely updated and revised version of The Wonder Weeks is available! Not only is the information updated, but we also added a very special chapter about Sleep & Leaps. I was wondering if you are interested in reading our new book with the new chapter? And maybe write something about that? I can also send you a image of the new version of the book for your website, to keep things up to date.

    I do have to ask you one other thing, which is really important. Mentioning the chart without any supporting text to explain what happens during every leap (the book) leads to a lot of confusion and wrongly using of the chart. So, it’s ok to place the chart on your website but please add this note next to it:::: Please, don’t use the chart without The Wonder Weeks Book. Only knowing when there’s a leap is not enough! You have to know what is going on inside your baby’s head in order to help him. Only using the chart is like saying: “Oh my baby is sick” but you don’t know what is making him sick and you don’t know the right treatment to make him better.

    Looking forward hearing from you!

    Best wishes, Angelotte Admiraal
    The Wonder Weeks

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