Olivia at 29 Months: Week 127

I’m convinced this was an unofficial Wonder Week! Olivia woke up multiple times a night (asking us to fix her blanket, get some water, wash her paci, etc.) and regressed on her potty training (it took extra coaxing to get her to use it, and she kept asking to wear a pull-up). She also played with her food a lot more than usual. We did have a lot of excitement this week, too, with grandparents in town, elaborate meals and slightly later bedtimes.

This week, Olivia:

  • Drew a caterpillar!!
  • Took her grandparents to all of her favorite places – the zoo, the Getty, Little Tokyo, the park! We had so much fun showing them around the city.
  • Had her Parent-Teacher conference at school. Her teacher told me that she’s doing great, but when she’s with her best friend Kai, she has trouble listening. Oh boy. She also loves to randomly break out in song and perform for her classmates. AND, she’s memorized the Pledge of Allegiance and God Bless America

Favorite quotes this week:

  • “I only want to give Kai a present.”
  • “That’s ridiculous!”
  • “Hold my left hand, Mommy.”
  • “Olaf says ‘NOPE’ and ‘In the sumerrrr'” – in Olaf’s voice 🙂


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