Olivia at 28 Weeks

20130128-222339.jpgThis week, Olivia:

Was very fussy during the first half of the week. We thought it was due to teething, but by Wednesday, she was back to her normal self.

Was crawling all over the place; she just couldn’t sit still and is no longer content just hanging out in her exersaucer.

Started getting bored very easily.

Likes drinking water from her sippy cup, even though she’s a bit shaky holding it.

Loves using our hands to pull herself up to standing and “walks” while holding on.

Is trying to stand on her own, and is pulling herself up to standing on pretty much everything.

Still loves when I sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, and playing with the textured fabric on her Twinkle Toes book. She is really obsessed with textures all over the house.

Ate homemade apple sauce and carrots, and enjoyed her avocado this time around.

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