Olivia at 8 Weeks

This week, Olivia was extra fussy and very clingy at night. One late night in particular, she fell asleep on my chest after eating. When hubby tried to gently pick her up – she was in a deep sleep, mind you – she started screaming a scream we’d never heard before, which is SO unlike her. The scream really frightened me, so I started doing research and came across the Wonder Weeks. Just as babies go through physical growth spurts, they also experience developmental ones. Wonder Week 8 is when babies discover patterns in the world around them. They become especially fussy and clingy (!), but at the end of this period they start to display new skills! Read my post outlining all Wonder Weeks here.

It also seems like her Moro reflex has gotten worse at 8 weeks. Could that be possible?? She startles herself awake more often, particularly in her bassinet at night. She doesn’t have any trouble at nap time, but then again she sleeps in either the bassinet attached to her playard or her Snugabunny swing, which both have sides that kind of envelop her.

She’s also taken to practicing kicking super hard in the morning. Typically, she’ll sleep from 9/9:30pm – 2am, eat, sleep from 2:30am – 3:30am, then intermittently until 5:30am or so. During that period, she alternates between grunting, kicking and crying. I think most of it is gas, and it sounds like grunting is pretty common in newborns. Apparently there’s something called Grunting Baby Syndrome (good article/explanation here), which is harmless, requires no intervention, and sounds more “normal” than “syndrome” since baby’s digestive system needs more time to develop at this point.

On a positive note, Olivia has been making noises and sounds we haven’t heard before. She even “sang” us a song one day (more like a very prolonged coo). She’s taken a liking to licking whatever surface she happens to be on during tummy time, and has started finding and sucking her hands again (after a brief hiatus in week 7).

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  1. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your posts! My daughter will be 8 weeks in three days & we’ve been going through what you describe almost to a tee. It’s exciting to know her little brain is growing and developing!

    • Thanks, Nina! We’re glad you found us! Congratulations on your little lady! Feel free to follow along with the weeks and ask questions when you have them!

  2. I love this post! I have bookmarked your site and will be back frequently. My little girl is 8 weeks now and her sleeping has definitely been off. Startles more, and is waking through the night at various non-feeding times. Thanks for documenting all of your weeks!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Gracie! Congratulations on the new addition 🙂 I’m so glad you’re finding our updates useful!!

  3. You have no idea how much this blog has saved me! I almost took my 9 1/2 week old to the emergency room last night. She just had her shots and she has been all of these things- many sleepless nights. This moro reflex- I thought something was seriously wrong with her until I read about it.

    • I’m SO glad my post helped, Kristin!! Hope you’re both getting a bit more rest!

  4. Awesome! I’ve been noticing my 7 week old son has been acting differently for the last couple days. Last night he woke up 4-5 times and would only fall back asleep if I was holding him. That’s very unusual for my little independent mister. After reading this though I get it! The wonder week description fits him to a tee! Thank you!!

    • I’m so glad you’re finding the blog helpful!! I hope you come back soon 🙂 And congratulations on your little man!

  5. Hi there, fantastic blog! My 8 week old has definitely started her wonder week, phew! I was curious, did Olivias wonder week last just a couple of days, or the whole period of the wonder week in the book?

    • Hey Laura, thanks so much!! I’m glad you’re finding our blog helpful! O’s Wonder Week 8 didn’t last too long – from what I can recall (it was two years ago!) that one was a few days, slightly shorter than the Wonder Weeks chart states. In general, most were a bit shorter, except for the period between 14-19 weeks. That one was sooo long and the toughest. Afterwards, though, things got much easier!

  6. My LO is 7 weeks old but started displaying these behaviours you describe is it possible that this is his leap?

  7. Oh ladies. Good I found this information here. But how long this period lasts? My LO is 10 weeks old (due date calculation). She still is acting so unusual. Eating schedule is totally messed up. When do I know if she is just in a bad habit of eating and sleeping? I am frustrated. Thanks!

  8. I very much like how they reference the age based on due date. I’ve been wondering about that for a week or two, after the six week growth spurt hitting early. I’ve been incredibly blessed to have a child that’s gained a pound a week (born 7lbs 13 ozs) who has repeatedly slept through the night since the 10 pound mark. The last two nights, he just does not want to sleep at night, or be without me. During the day, he’ll nap wherever I lay him down wherever I am. Night time is just not the right time, he appears to have no nighttime at all.

    I really wish any of the options for purchasing the book by chapter involved paypal or that the book was sold on Google books. I’m feeling pretty left out. Seems like the perfect time to read!

  9. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!! I thought my lil angel was bonkers all of a sudden. He has problems staying asleep unless i hold him against my body for about 30 minutes before putting him down – and still wakes up tired. Even settling him down to sleep takes longer/ He won’t let anyone hold him for more than 5 minutes before screaming blue murder until he’s safe in my arms again. He gets fussy and irritable very quickly, and is very impatient. He loves sticking his tongue out repeatedly and pretending to chew something. He’s sucking his lil fists now and really enjoys it. He smiles and talks to himself, observes his environment intensely and he’s always wide-eyed when awake as if he’s just amazed at everything.

  10. I live your site!! My daughter Sadie is 9 weeks and exhibiting all this behavior for the past week or so. Less interest in eating (even pulling away from the breast and crying!) And sucking on her hands too! She’s trying to lick everything that comes even remotely close to her mouth, and was clingy to me for the first time ever last week. It’s so reassuring to read others experiences and know that my little sweetie is OK 🙂

  11. Everything you just described is my daughter to a T! Including the sleep pattern before wonder week 8. Now she’s 9 weeks and 3 days so she’s almost finished the second leap and I’m hoping the sleep gets better!

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