Olivia at 40 Weeks (9 Months)


This week, Olivia:

Had her 9 month check up. This one was pretty uneventful. She didn’t need any shots, which was a relief, and she was so sweet to the doctor. She even showed off her waving and babbling skills. The one challenge was getting her to lie on her back for the measurements. As soon as we put her on her back, she screamed like crazy. So, I think the measurements are a bit off. She was 28.5″ (I think this number is off and keep meaning to measure her myself b/c she was 27.5 at her 6 month appointment), her head circumference was 17.25″ (also questionable), and she weighed 17 pounds, 10 ounces.

Got a new toy! This retro Fisher Price Record Player is gorgeous, and comes with 5 records/10 different melodies to play. It’s still a bit too young to actually play with it, but she loves the music, and starts dancing whenever I put it on. I also think it’s helpful in teaching cause and effect/sequences as part of our Wonder Week 46 “curriculum”

Points to the dog in her A You’re Adorable book when asked where the doggy is

Points to our noses when asked

Is still obsessed with her Subway book

Drinks water from her Playtex straw cup (has been working on this for a couple of weeks). The straw cup is best according to my pediatric speech therapist friend because it forces the tongue to push forward vs. up against the roof of the mouth, which is better for language development (and teeth)! There’s a good article on why straw cups are better on WebMD.

Twists and turns when we change her diaper. We have to give her multiple toys, sing, make loud noises to distract her, and even THAT doesn’t work sometimes. Our new technique? Put a small toy under her shirt, and change her while she’s busy trying to get it out.

Hides her Fisher Price remote under the couch

Is making lots more sounds, and is starting to clap (brings her hands together, no clapping noise yet)

Can climb all the way up the stairs, from one floor to another (this is exciting and scary at the same time)

Said Mama for real, like actively said it while reaching for me

Gives kisses to her dolls and stuffed animals. Her favorite right now is the Babicorolle. She also really likes Violet. She’ll press her paw, listen to a song and dance, and then give her a kiss before she moves on

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