Olivia at 41 Weeks

Best Friends tees available at Mama Case Prints

Best Friends tees available at Mama Case Prints

I’m on alert, anticipating the stormy period that precedes Wonder Week 46. I think this may be the beginning of it.  Either that, or true separation anxiety, or a combo of both! Our week got off to quite a start, with multiple night wakings one night and a couple of days of whining and crankiness. At the same time, we’ve been amazed by Olivia’s development this week.  It seems like a lot of the stuff we’ve been working on with her is really starting to sink in, and she’s making connections and just blowing us away with her verbal and physical abilities!

This week, Olivia:

  • Was much more clingy, especially with me.  She didn’t like it when I was out of sight, and would furiously crawl to me and cling to my legs.
  • Hated being on her back and having her diaper changed.
  • Drooled a lot for a couple of days.  I couldn’t feel any teeth, but I do see the white outline of the top left lateral incisor.
  • Slept poorly one night (coincided with the drooling); she woke up multiple times throughout the night but was able to get back to sleep on her own.
  • Can drink from a cup when I hold it to her lips.
  • Became really good at quickly sneaking tiny pieces of paper, food, etc. from the floor to her mouth. No matter how often we vacuum (who are we kidding, it’s not that often), she seems to always find something!
  • Scared herself with a pop-up book. She has a book called We’re Going to a Party, and on the last page, a monster pops up. It’s actually pretty scary-looking. Olivia turned to it, was startled, started crying and closed the book. Then, she went back to that page and started whimpering and pushing the book away!  She did this a few times before I felt so bad that I hid the book under the couch and distracted her with Violet.
  • Knows what sounds a monkey and cow make, and makes the appropriate sound when asked.
  • Can point to her ear when asked.
  • Repeated the word “giggle”.
  • Really enjoys playing on her own (mostly reading books).

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