Olivia at 39 Weeks


This week, Olivia:

  • Had one day where she cried really hard and clung to us when we put down for her nap.
  • That same day, she started acting strangely – testing and examining things more, crawling backwards and doing downward dogs while staring at the carpet, picking up her bottle, throwing it and then crawling over to grab it. It definitely seems like she reached a new level of awareness after that day.
  • Fed me her waffle, and we took turns nibbling at it.
  • Leans her forehead on my mouth when I ask for a kiss. Also, hubby thinks I’m crazy, but she totally kissed her doll and said “ki”.
  • Made up a new dance move while listening to JT’s “Suit and Tie”. It looks a lot like she’s raising the roof 🙂 The dancing is especially amazing to me because she’s been doing it for a few months, and as much as I love to dance, I don’t think I do it around her enough for her to pick it up. I genuinely believe her dance moves came from within, which is really, really cool.
  • Can stand without holding on to anything for longer periods of time and can walk quickly while keeping one hand on the couch. She can even stand unsupported while shaking a toy with both hands. Unlike her mommy, she has great balance.
  • Started making a new sound. It’s like she’s testing the different sounds she can make while sticking her tongue out.
  • Said “dah” again when she saw our neighbor’s dog in the park. She’s totally becoming a dog lover, and lights up whenever she sees one.

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