Olivia at 38 Weeks

baby-38-weeksI took Olivia to a new pediatrician this week to check her swollen lymph node because I was paranoid that she was catching hubby’s cold. He told me that the node behind her right ear  is outside the bone so it’s more noticeable. He also said that any time there is inflammation or a rash around the head area (even dandruff!), it will appear more swollen. This time, it’s most likely as a result of the teething. He also said that her eyes will definitely stay blue 🙂

This week, Olivia:

Looks at her “Wheels on the Bus” book when we start singing the song.

Holds the circles in her foam play mat in both hands and lifts them over her head.

Started sprouting a second tooth on the bottom right.

Kisses and hugs us.

Is trying to grab the spoon more to feed herself, mostly halfway through her meal when she gets bored. When I do let her hold the spoon, she gets some in her mouth but flings the rest.

Speaking of eating, she has become quite the little diva with her bottle. Again, at about 3/4 of the way into her feeding, she gets off of my lap, climbs off the couch (with a bit of help) and stands and walks around while finishing the rest! So I basically have to follow her around while holding the bottle in her mouth at just the right angle so she can finish!

Is clearly waving as a greeting, saying “ha” or “hi”, and even waving to inanimate objects that she really likes.

Still sways her head from side to side (same as her dancing move) when she’s really excited about something.

Loves dogs, and even attempted to mimic me saying “dog” and “woof” (sounded more like “da” and “uf”) when we saw one in the park. I’m glad my new mommy friend – a pediatric speech therapist – was there to hear it, otherwise I would have definitely thought I was imagining things!

Discovered how much she likes leafing through grown-up books. Maybe it’s something about the paper, and the black and white contrast of the text on the page (similar to her obsession with tags, which she’s had since she was 2 or 3 mos), but she will sit there for a good 30 minutes holding the book like she’s reading, trying to turn one page at a time, and flipping pages.

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