Olivia at 14 Months: Wonder Week 64


Ahh, Wonder Week 64.  I got the Wonder Weeks alert email in my inbox and was struck by how uncanny the descriptions were: “Playing with emotions by practicing all sorts of behavior and facial expressions from sad to happy and sweet / Only eats properly if she can feed herself / Replays daily domestic routines / Throws temper tantrums in order to get her way.” Yep, that about sums up this week!  Olivia has been extra feisty, and not as laid back as she usually is. She’s been really picky about solids and hasn’t been eating as much as she normally does.  She also started chewing on books and toys again, which makes me think she’s teething.

This week, Olivia:

  • Can tell a “story” about what she did during the day : “walk, park, doggy, ball”
  • Loves to explore the outdoors, and throw her ball around in the park.  She’s also very social when she comes across other children, animals or adults.  She’ll usually talk to them by saying,”Hi”, “shoes”, “hair” or “watch” depending on what she notices about them.
  • Really likes her First Book of Sushi book, and requests we read it multiple times at bedtime
  • Took some getting used to her new shoes; refused to put them on at first because they were different from the Toms she’s used to wearing
  • Likes to hold my keys and says “keys”
  • Still really dislikes diaper changes unless I mentally prep her by showing her a diaper and wipes a couple of minutes before I change her
  • Says “happy” and “sad” and makes the appropriate faces
  • Added to her animal sound vocabulary with the help of her Fisher-Price Farm Animal toy. She now also recognizes pigs and ducks, and the sounds they make
  • Can recognize different kinds of hats on herself, her dolls, and others
  • Points to herself and says “baby”
  • Says “pillow”
  • Stopped squinting, much to our relief

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  1. hi there… I love your blog and first came across it when I searched for Wonder Weeks. I have a 9 month old who seems very similar to Olivia, very active and vocal! I was just wondering what her naps are like now that she’s over one – are you down to one nap a day or still doing the 2-3-4 routine? I started doing the 2-3-4 a month ago and thanks to you no more 45 min naps!!

    • Thanks so much, that really means a lot!! At 15 months, she still takes two naps a day, and we continue to follow a directional 2-3-4 schedule. Wakeup is at 7am, first nap 9:30-11, second nap 2:30-4 and bedtime at 7:15. So, it’s more like a 2.5/3.5/3.25 🙂

  2. thanks so much… I’m really looking forward to dropping down to one nap in the day!

  3. Hi there! I love your blog and updates! I’m wondering if you have any insight into how best to cope with my almost 14 month old’s nap schedule:
    She started daycare about a month ago and they do one nap only at 1230 so we transitioned her to one nap before she started. The problem is she is a habitual 30 minute napper, so sometimes she will be awake by 1:00 or 1:30 depending on when she falls asleep. She was sick last week so stayed home and we did naps at 10 and 2 (approx) until she felt better, but now I am unsure of what to do. My friend said she did 1 nap and daycare and 2 naps on the weekends with her son and it worked well, but I’m not sure that will work for my little one. She still takes short naps consistently no matter what we do (a lot of the time it is due to pooping and sometimes she just wakes up), and isn’t the type of baby that will take a short nap and then a long afternoon one :(. Also, she sleeps consistently 12-14 hours per night, which could be the issue I am sure. Her typical schedule when at home with me has been this:
    715-815 wake and bottle
    830/9 breakfast
    945/10 nap
    11 snack
    1230 lunch and bottle
    145/2 nap
    330 snack and bottle
    6 dinner
    630 bath and bottle
    645 in the crib

    I should note that her doc wants us to continue bottles for as long as we need to because she has a heart condition that makes it HARD to gain weight. She also only have 5 teeth so is mostly still eating pureed food. We also do a 15-30 minute wind-down in her room before naps (music, story) and her room is DARK and we use a Dohm machine for white noise. Sorry for the long post!

    • Hi Courtney! It’s great to see you here on the blog again 🙂 I remember us chatting about the 2-3-4 nap schedule a while back! I really think you should go with your gut – does she seem to do okay with the one nap at daycare? Do her teachers say she is crabby after naptime or do you notice that she’s overtired when you pick her up? She might still be adjusting to daycare and will eventually learn to nap longer or just wind down during that 12:30-2:30 period. Why not keep her on two naps on the weekend? Maybe that will work for both of you? She may be a short napper, but as long she is acting well rested and sleeping well at night, I think you should be good – just follow her cues 🙂

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