Olivia at 45 Weeks

20130527-101215.jpgThis week, Olivia:

  • Claps when we sing to her
  • Is repeating everything we say
  • Is becoming more social with strangers – she smiles and waves at them. On a side note, most people wave back, but the couple of times they didn’t (they must not have noticed her, because seriously, who ignores a baby?!) my heart was just crushed on O’s behalf even though she didn’t seem to care.
  • Can climb up onto the couch (has been climbing down from it for about a month now)
  • Likes eating her feet again
  • Went on a mini hike at a local park and had fun walking up and down the park bench like a little gymnast
  • Started eating the corners of her books and now won’t stop. We really think she’s teething but can’t see any whitecaps yet
  • Tried a cherry at the farmer’s market and loved it! I started peeling them and adding them to her plain yogurt in the morning and she is obsessed!
  • Slept from 7pm-8:15am one day. I was so worried that she wasn’t feeling well, but she was totally fine when she woke up.
  • Can walk while holding an object, and if she drops the object, pick it up and keep walking. And she can walk pretty much the whole length of a room!
  • Loves dancing to the music from her Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy
  • Grabs a chunk of my hair and tickles her face with it!

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