Olivia at 24 Weeks

20130102-210044.jpgThis week, Olivia:

Started solids! Puréed organic butternut squash was on the menu this week. She grabbed the spoon as soon as she saw it coming towards her, and directed it into her mouth! Since the first time went so well, we continued feeding her once a day after her second bottle. She started out eating two tablespoons, but by the end of the week was at about an ounce. The food was super easy to make. I took a whole squash, cubed it, removed the skin, and steamed it. Then, I put it in the food processor, added a bit of water to thin it, and once it was at a good consistency, poured it into silicone Tovolo perfect cube trays and popped them into the freezer. Each cube is exactly 1 ounce, and they’re really easy to pop out of the tray and defrost.

Is starting to show beginnings of object permanence. She cried when I put her favorite book away, and stopped when I gave it back.

Is babbling more, and making new noises. Her latest is a sort of coughing sound every time she is really absorbed in something!

Is getting fussier in her car seat.

Loves rubbing her hair (and mine) when drinking from her bottle.

Celebrated her first Christmas! She must have known exactly what was going on because she woke up at 5am and wouldn’t go back to sleep!!

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