Olivia at 23 Weeks


This week, Olivia:

Will whine and reach out for a toy if she has dropped it and can’t grab it herself.

Continues to be a fussy eater. It takes about an hour to feed her with a #2 nipple. We have to pause and take many breaks, change scenery and positions. She eats 6-7 oz per feeding.

Seems even more alert, and can play/hang out for up to four hours before needing to sleep. She usually takes two 90 minute naps during the day.

Can now move her legs forward one at a time while crawling, and pushes herself forward since she still hasn’t figured how to get her arms to move in sequence.

Loves playing with blocks – gumming them and feeling the different textures.

Put her hands on the side of her PnP bassinet and pushed herself up a bit while on all fours. It will be time to drop the bassinet soon!

Weighs 14 pounds and 4 ounces.

Is still obsessed with tags!

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