Olivia at 22 Months: Week 99

This week, Olivia:

  • Went to the library for the first time and loved it, although we definitely need to work on her “inside” voice. She asked the librarian for a Humpty Dumpty book, and loved the one she picked out for us – Mary Engelbreit’s Mother Goose: One Hundred Best-Loved Verses – she asks to snuggle up and read it all the time now!
  • Also loves The Little Engine That Couldand quotes from it at random times – “I’m a passenger engine. I pull you? I think not!”
  • Went up on the staircase, closed the baby gate after her and said, “Look! We’re in a zoo!”
  • Feeds her toy cat and interacts with her stuffed animals in other realistic ways (points George’s hand at a page in her counting book so she can “show” him how to count)
  • Puts our shoes on and walks around in them. She even took an orange hand towel and pretended it was a dress when she saw me wearing a long red skirt.
  • Had a play date at the bookstore with Molly and Lucy. O was a bit shy since they’re a few years older than her, but she loved splashing the water in the fountain with them. She even held hands with Molly. What sweeties!
  • Looks in the back yard and says, “Lizard, come eat your food!! or “Come drink your milk, lizard!!”
  • Loves to eat: strawberries, Jammy Sammies, broccoli, Hello Panda cookies and sushi (of course)
  • Makes up her own songs and has added some new ones to her repertoire (thanks to her music class at school): “Frere Jacques” and “Alouette” (in French!), “Twinkle Twinkle, Traffic Light” and “Ring Around the Rosie”

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