Olivia at 34 Weeks


This week, Olivia:

Started laughing and amusing herself more and even laughs when we laugh!
Loves being chased on all fours
Pulled herself up to stand without support from a sitting position and really started standing on her own for longer – up to 10 seconds!
Is trying to pull herself up to stand in her tub. We’ll need to find another bathing option soon.
Figured how to climb up on the couch by using books to push herself up
Added “baba” to her vocabulary, and makes a “mama” sound sometimes when she cries.
Loves her little animals
Likes to yell at the man in the yellow hat in her Curious George mirror book.
Loves looking at herself in the mirror
I love discovering the things she enjoys, watching her examine and turn things over in her hands
Climbed up stairs, sort of. She made it up one step!
Ate broccoli, peaches, berries, apricots and barley

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