Olivia at 23 Months: Week 103

This week, Olivia:

  • Went to the zoo and loved it! Of everything we saw, the elephant pooping made the biggest impression because she talked about it for the next few days! She also loved the Merry-Go-Round (unlike the first time she went on one)
  • Called her baby doll “another Olivia” when we asked what her name is!
  • Is becoming even more clever – if we say to her, “That’s for grown ups”, she says, “That’s for kids!”
  • Loves playing with her stuffed animals and has started to anthropomorphize them – she says, “Are you hungry horsey?”, nods its head “Yes” and says “Yeah!” in a funny voice.
  • Got to pet a real horse at the 4th of July parade. She was SO excited!
  • Really dislikes the car seat and is starting to really fuss and writhe getting in
  • Rode in a little supermarket car for the first time. She’s a handful on shopping excursions these days (wants to eat everything she sees) so it definitely helped distract her, but we paid the price when she refused to get out of it and started yelling when it was time to go!
  • Is obsessed with watermelon.

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