Olivia at 23 Months: Week 101

This week, Olivia:

  • Says “I like shrimp” and “I like lollipops”. Mind you, she’s had, like, two lollipops ever.
  • Started waking up super early, around 5:30AM, which makes for some lovely weekday mornings.
  • Asks us to wash her hands when they’re dirty, or change her diaper after she goes.
  • Went to a baseball game with her friend Olive! We had so much fun!
  • Squeezes her eyes shut and says the colors she sees. I have no clue where she picked this up, but the fact that she does it is pretty amazing the more I think about it.
  • Went to Malibu for the first time! She’s still not a fan of the water, but she had fun watching the waves, walking along the beach with her dad and playing with the sand.
  • Likes to pull my plate in front of her when we go out to eat. Even when she has her own.

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