Olivia at 21 Months: Week 92

We spent this week exploring our new surroundings! We miss our friends so much, but I have to admit that it’s nice living in a city again. In our old neighborhood, everything was within a one mile radius – daycare, supermarket, Target, a handful of parks, the doctor’s office and the farmer’s market. It was so easy to go a week or more without leaving our comfortable little bubble. It feels like the complete opposite here!

This week, Olivia:

  • Is obsessed with yogurt. She literally claws at the fridge asking for yogurt, even after she’s had a full dinner.
  • Stopped using a bottle! We were still giving her one in the evenings before bed, but with the move, we took the opportunity to switch it to a regular cup with straw!
  • Got a few new toys, which she really loves – these DUPLO Animals blocks are the perfect size for her little hands, and I love how she plays with them. She’ll just sit there putting them together and taking them apart while making up songs or talking to herself. She also loves this new B. Pet Vet Clinic. She uses the keys to lock and unlock the little doors.

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