Olivia at 20 Months: Week 91

Well, we moved AGAIN this week! It seems like just yesterday we were living in a hotel waiting for our new home to be finished. Maybe because that was 4 months ago?! Well, Mike got a great job opportunity a month ago, and we’ve spent the last few weeks prepping to sell our house and relocate. It has really been a whirlwind if activity and emotions. We’ll miss our friends, daycare and neighborhood so, so much but we’re also really excited to explore our new city.

Olivia’s done well with the move so far, but I know she misses her teachers and friends at school. Honestly, the only thing I care about is finding a place she loves just as much as her old one!

This week, Olivia:

  • Looked around her empty playroom after the movers took everything away and said, “Where new house go??”
  • Caught a virus and developed a fever on our way here. On Thursday, she had a mild fever and was drooling profusely, so I thought she must be teething. The next day, her fever spiked and she refused to eat. We wound up taking her to an urgent care clinic when her fever reached 103 and she was acting really lethargic. We had a really big scare! The doctor said she had an infection in her right ear, and prescribed antibiotics. By Sunday, she was starting to act like herself and asked for sushi, which we gladly obliged to!

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