Olivia at 19 Months: Week 83

Big changes this week!! Olivia started daycare, and although I was pretty nervous, she wound up making the transition like a champ! Hubby and I dropped her off on her first day, and she sat at the table with the other kids (after first attempting to sit at an empty table – we have to work on those social skills) and ate breakfast. When I picked her up, I found her dancing! She even napped on her Yo Gabba Gabba Nap Mat, which I was totally convinced she wouldn’t do. So, Week 1 of daycare was a success! I had so many favorite moments, but seeing O’s face when I picked her up every day was my favorite by far.

Also, this week, Olivia:

  • Asked to go to school to play with kids when she woke up in the morning.
  • Started biting her nails?! Or chewing on her fingers, I can’t tell yet.
  • Went to the doctor for her cough and despite the lollipop she got, was so miserable during the exam. She kept saying, “All done, go see big red ball” That just tells you how often we go to Target.
  • Started throwing things when she’s frustrated and tired.
  • Threw her first official tantrum after her bath one evening and didn’t want to get dressed at all. She finally calmed down after about ten minutes.
  • Loves to look through my Pop Art book, which I gave her after seeing how much she loved this one.
  • Is probably so tired from daycare (although they tell me she naps pretty well there) that she doesn’t want to read any books and asks us to put her straight in bed at bedtime.

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  1. I love reading your blog and seeing what adventures you and Olivia are having. My little girl and I are about 5 months behind you so your blog is such an interesting developmental reference for me!! I unfortunately have to go back to work part-time now that my little one is over 1 year old but I have decided to use a nanny until H is at least 18 months and has dropped her morning sleep. I’m paranoid that she will skip naps once she starts at daycare! I’m interested, I remember reading a while back that you were starting back at work – did you have a nanny then? Also did you experience any guilt at not spending EVERY day with your daughter? My husband experiences none of this guilt so it must be a mum thing? I LOVE the couple of days a week I have at work but can’t shake the guilt feeling…. I guess it will fade with time and as H gets older. thanks again xx

    • Hi Maria!! Thanks so much, I’m so glad that you are following along with us 🙂 I did the exact thing you did, and O finally just started daycare at 18 months. I was so worried about her not taking her afternoon nap, so imagine my surprise when she kept her schedule beginning on the first day! It helped that their naptime coincided with ours (12-2:30).

      As for the guilt, I think it’s totally normal!! I don’t think it goes away but it does get easier, especially when you see how much fun she’s having with her caregiver or at daycare!

      Thanks for reading and please keep in touch

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