Olivia at 18 Months: Week 82

Could there be such thing as a Wonder Week 82? Olivia has been really clingy and snuggly with me this week, and loves to take my hand and lead me places. She won’t even go into the next room without me! I’m certainly not complaining because I love all of the attention and cuddles, but I wonder what’s driving this shift. She does seen to understand more about the world and daily routines. And she’s starting to develop preferences and make her own choices (what clothes to wear, what she wants for breakfast, etc.). Se has been pretty picky about her meals, and even thrown a few tantrums.

This week, Olivia:

    • Loves wooden toys and buildings, and wants to arrange them just so
    • Likes to crouch and hide behind us and say, “Olivia, where are you?” and jump out and say “BOO!”
    • Went from saying “Hold Olivia’s hand” to “Hold my hand”
    • Loves her Caillou doll and takes him everywhere
    • Is still really into my Humans of New York book and examining the photos
    • Loves going through our holiday cards and naming everyone, so we got her these Eric Carle Animal Flash Cards, which she immediately fell in love with.  In a few days, she was able to learn most of the animals and is now teaching them to Caillou!
    • Went to her friend Abby’s third birthday party and had such a great time playing, making new friends and eating yummy homemade pizza!

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