Olivia at 15 Months: Week 69

Lots of big changes this week! First of all, we sold our house and moved into a temporary place while we buy a new one. I was really worried about how Olivia would handle the change, but I didn’t give her enough credit – she made herself at home as soon as we got here! She also kept her usual nap routine, although I think she’s almost ready to transition to one nap. Once we saw that was O adjusting nicely, we decided to take this opportunity to switch up our routine a bit. One of the perks of hotel living is the fact that they have a full breakfast every morning! Prior to the move, O drank one bottle when she woke up in the morning, and one before bed. Now, she wakes up and we head to breakfast, where she has eggs, a bit of french toast (which she daintily dips into syrup), yogurt with banana and a bit of bacon or sausage. She drinks her morning milk from a sippy cup with her meal. That leaves us with the bedtime bottle, but we’re not quite ready to give that up yet – we love the snuggles too much!

This week, Olivia:

  • Went to her first football game, which she loved! I carried her in the Boba Air (tied with the Snugabunny for best baby purchase ever!), and she sat on our laps once we got to our seats. O made it to the end of the third quarter before she started trying to get down to walk around. When we got home, she kept repeating “football game,” and even said it the following day when we got in the car. It clearly made an impression!
  • Has expanded her language and comprehension skills big time! She’s now recognizing and asking for (unprompted): “manana yogurt” (she can make a “b” sound in other words, not sure why not “banana”, but it’s so cute), “eggs and bacon” (no joke!), “cheerios”, “dip”, “cheese, cheese, cheese” (loves cheese so much she keeps repeating it until we give it to her), “it’s so good. i knoooww” (says this very emphatically when she’s eating. another one of my favorites), “dinner time”, “i love you, too”, “i love you much” (my heart just melts), “doggy food” (she said this when she saw a fire pit – it blew my mind that she thought the coals were dog food, considering the fact that she’s only seen a dog food bowl a few times), “night-night time”, “read book”, “owie boo boo”, “down up” (that really means up), “more more more!”, “Caillou book” – we got her this book and DVD since she loves him
  • Is also repeating pretty much everything we say (the good and the bad, so we have to be careful!) and laughing at her own inside jokes.
  • Figured out how to open doors!
  • Went to Build-a-Bear and had fun creating the little guy below.  Funny thing is, O has no idea who SpongeBob is.  She must have really liked the design on the shirt!

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