Olivia at 15 Months: Week 66

Our 15 month appointment was this week and Olivia refused to sit on the scale. After a few attempts, we gave up and weighed her on the adult scale. She is 20.8 pounds! She also had a few shots and a finger prick to test her iron level.  At the end, we went out into the waiting room and Olivia got to pick a toy out of the office’s “Treasure Box”. We grabbed a pumpkin bookmark since she’s been obsessed with pumpkins ever since I got her this Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin? book. We also got her a mini pumpkin at the store, which she held on to tightly and proudly displayed to the cashier and said, “pupkin”!

Olivia continued to slap/push things away and say “all gone” when she doesn’t want them this week. This included: the slide and the swing at the park, the doctor when he got too close with his otoscope (yeah, the ear thingy. I had to look it up), while she was getting her finger pricked for the iron test, food, her milk bottle, etc. It’s pretty incredible that she connected/transferred a phrase she associated with mealtime to other aspects of her life. She understands the meaning of the phrase in different contexts and can apply them properly.

This week, Olivia:

  • Likes to read books on her highchair
  • Gives me a book to read while she reads
  • Especially loves her I Want My Hat BackBelly Button Book and Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin? books
  • Is less picky at mealtimes
  • Continues to assert her independence – she’ll bring us a book, then take it away and replace it with another just as we start reading
  • Went on play date, and crawled around after her friend, Blaire, who is 9 months old
  • Got her first boo-boo – a skinned knee – playing in Blaire’s back yard, and now recognizes boo boos and asks for them to be kissed/kisses them on others
  • Is starting to understand number sequence – knows 2, 6 and 8 when I count from 1 – 10.

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