Olivia at 21 Weeks


This was an eventful week! On Thursday, O’s Dr. called me to recommend having her head x-rayed. It wasn’t totally out of the blue since he was returning a call I made a few weeks back asking if need to start giving her vitamins. He told me how he had been thinking about how he didn’t feel her back fontanel at our 4 month appointment, and wanted to be sure everything was okay. I was concerned about the radiation, but he told me that it was minimal (less than taking a flight) and that I should take her the following week. In the meantime, he said not to over-Google. Now, when a Dr. tells me not to over-Google, that’s the first thing I want to do. So instead, I decided to take Olivia to get x-rayed immediately. I just couldn’t wait until after the weekend. Luckily, we were able to wait while the pediatric radiologist reviewed the images, and thank goodness everything looked totally fine!! That feeling of fear and helplessness we experienced during the wait was intense.

So, we were able to enjoy Olivia’s first Hanukkah! We got her a Baby Einstein exersaucer, which she got super excited about, especially since it offered her a new vantage point. Her friend Olive came over with her mom and dad for candle lighting, dinner and a gift swap. Olivia got a new loveable friend, Violet, and two books: Tikki Tikki Tembo and The Monster at the End of This Book (which is now one of my favorites!!). It was so much fun, and the absolute best way to spend our first Hanukkah as a family!

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