Olivia at 28 Months: Week 122

This week, Olivia:

  • Is obsessed with her Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse Bowtique dress-up dolls. She loves changing their dresses, bows and shoes, and tells them she loves them 🙂
  • Wants to wear her princess dress ALL the time and refused to take it off until I told her I had to wash it and actually showed her a stain
  • Tried out MyGym. It was so interesting observing her in the unfamiliar environment. She was a bit out of sorts and had a very stoic look on her face the whole time – even when she was clearly having fun! Afterwards, she kept talking about how she climbed up the wall like a spider!
  • Had a playdate with her friend Olive! The girls ate “Wheels on the Bus” pasta (I still have to post the recipe) and had so much fun!
  • Went out for lobster, crawfish and shrimp and refused to eat any of it! Her reaction to the crawfish was priceless (photo below).
  • Uses past tense.
  • Can draw a smiley face!!

Favorite quotes this week:

  • “The machine ate your card, mommy? Can we help you?” – in response to my credit card getting stuck in a parking garage machine and me frantically flagging down an attendant. It’s kind of funny how she always asks “Can we help?” instead of “Can I help?”
  • “That feels me better” instead of “I feel better”. So cute!
  • “That is mine, that’s not yours.”

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