Olivia at 27 Months: Week 120

We had so much excitement and fun this week, we could barely keep up!

We started out with a fabulous (yet hectic) play date at the park with our friends Jody and Olive. It was our first time at this particular park, so Olivia went nuts, running around shouting, “Yaaay!! This is so much fun!” and performing some generally daring acts on the play structures that caused my heart to drop right into my stomach. With both Jody and I chasing after Olive and Olivia, there wasn’t much time left for mommy bonding.

The end of the week was filled with Halloween activities, starting with a costume parade and party at school, followed by pizza at her friend’s house and trick or treating in the neighborhood. She loved it! She kept asking to go to one more house, and saying “I want a loooot of candy”. I felt terribly guilty emptying most of her bucket before she noticed and leaving only a handful of treats. She did get to enjoy her first M&Ms, though!

We also went to a local train museum where O had so much fun exploring the old trains and even riding on one!

And of course, we ended the week with Daylight Saving Time. So far, we’ve been pretty lucky with it. We put O down to bed one hour after her normal 7:30 bedtime the night before, and she wakes up at her “usual time” ┬áthe next morning.

Favorite quotes this week:

  • Gets under the covers and says, “I’m not here right now. I’m at work.”
  • “I don’t like babies, I like pumpkins.”
  • “I want aloooot of candy.”

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