Olivia at 27 Months: Week 118

This week, Olivia:

  • Has such a vivid imagination! She’s constantly playing pretend or reading books aloud made-up stories.
  • Put a letter from her puzzle on my head and told me its my birthday hat. Then, she sang “Happy Birthday” to me and told me to blow out the candles and eat my cupcake.
  • Reaches in her pocket to look for her money when we jokingly ask her if she’s going to pay for something.
  • Went to the Fall Festival and rode her first little horse! I was convinced she’d refuse to get on the horse if we tried to put her on. She’s usually really tentative the first time she does anything. But, we waited in line and once we got to the front, off she went! I love the photos we took because the look on her face is priceless. She was concentrating so hard!

Favorite quotes this week:

  • “I want to buy a dog named Clifford and go to the pumpkin patch with him and he will run around and eat candy with me.”
  • Gramps: “I’m going to tickle your toes when I see you” O: “No, I’m going to tickle my own toes myself.” And then did it.
  • “I wanna be the teacher. I want to sit on the chair and read”
  • “I don’t want this crescent shape” (referring to a banana I gave her)
  • “We’re going to the giraffe store and we will use tickets to buy some fruit. It will be 4 or 5 tickets”

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