Olivia at 26 Months: Week 114

It was a jam-packed week with a lot of firsts!

This week, Olivia:

  • Went to her first pool party! In typical O fashion, she was somewhat tentative getting into the water, but once we sat her in a lounger and started pushing her around, she didn’t want to get out!
  • Went to her first wedding! She did so well considering we drove a total of 11 hours within two days to get to the wedding and back. My favorite moments were: when she started yelling “no crying, mommy” during the ceremony because i was sniffling, when she ate a full sized adult portion of salmon and when she yelled “yaay” after the bride and groom popped a bottle of champagne – and prompted the whole table to cheer, too!
  • Met her cousins from Europe, who showered her with affection and gifts.
  • Went to Santa Monica, Venice beach and the Getty Museum in one day!
  • Is obsessed with this Melissa & Doug See-Inside Alphabet Puzzle (still) and now knows the phonetic sound of each of the letters (she’s been learning at school)

Favorite quotes this week:

  • “You’re not a woman, you mommy!!”
  • “It’s not a stinky winky, it’s a cleany weeny.” (referring to her diaper) So nuts that she invented a phrase that was the opposite of the one I made up!! I’m convinced that makes her a genius, hah! 🙂
  • “I’m doing number ones (while doodling 1s)!
  • “Grayson lives in Legoland”

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