Olivia at 24 Months: Week 108

This week, Olivia:

  • Slept through the night three nights in a row and actually asks to get in bed again! We’ve turned a corner on this whole vacation-sleep-disruption thing. It only took two weeks of sleep deprivation and me sleeping on the floor in her room practically every night, tickling her back through the crib slats 😛
  • Said “Mmmm, banana ice cream is my favorite!” Side note – awesome one-ingredient banana ice cream recipe here.
  • Yells “mine” a lot if we try to take something of hers. Also says “MY song” if I try to sing along with her when she doesn’t want me to. I asked her teachers if she does this at school, and apparently she does.
  • Loves stickers. This large Melissa & Doug Sticker Pad is perfect – I give her a sheet once in a while as a “present” and it entertains her for a few days! Each sheet has 70 stickers and a different theme (horses, ballerinas, dogs and cats, etc.).
  • Makes “cake” and gives me a pretend spoon to eat it with. Also sniffs pretend flowers.
  • Went for a sushi and ice cream date with her friend Olivia, who is a few months younger. The first couple of times they hung out, our Olivia was acting pretty shy and stayed by my side. This time, they seemed to have an instant connection and I loved watching them interact. They were so sweet holding hands and chatting as they walked down the street.

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