Olivia at 17 Months: Week 78

I’m catching up since I’ve been a week behind on my updates ever since the move! Olivia had a fever of 104 on Thursday. I was convinced it was a bug since she was really miserable, had no interest in eating (even her favorite foods), and took a 3 hour nap in the morning followed by her asking(!!) for a second nap an hour and a half after she woke up. The next day, the fever was completely gone and she was eating again, but she was chewing on her hand and saying “Owie in mouth” so it must have been teething.  This is the second time that Olivia has had a high fever due to teething.  I’ve heard that teething fevers are usually mild, but clearly that’s not the case in our house.

This week, Olivia:

  • Was extra clingy, especially with me
  • Asks to go “night-night time” when she’s tired
  • Is creating more complex sentences – her language skills are exploding again, and her memory for expressions, tone of voice, books and faces continues to amaze us. She has a knack for remembering things we’ve only told, shown or read to her once
  • Her imagination is also more evident when she doodles and tells us she’s drawing an actual object (although it’s still squiggles at this point)
  • Takes my HONY book with her all over the house! And still loves reading When I Was Small
  • Loves looking out the window at cars
  • Does “cheers” with her sippy cup and my glass
  • Knows parts of the alphabet
  • Likes to sing the chorus to “Roar”
  • Likes to clean up
  • Says “Mommy (or Daddy) help you” when she wants help with something
  • Likes the gym daycare again!!

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