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At the risk of sounding like a total fan-girl, I absolutely love Amazon’s baby registry and can’t think of why you’d want to register anywhere else. Save for a handful of specialty items, we were able to find and research everything we needed on Amazon. Here is my pared down list of baby registry essentials, which includes only the items we’ve found most useful so far.

Newborn Baby Essentials (click on image for ordering info)
1 Medela Pump in Style Advanced: This is one of the best non-hospital grade pumps on the market; its powerful motor makes pumping as efficient as possible. Dr. Brown's Formula Pitcher: A huge time and money saver for those who formula feed.  Being able to "pour on demand" means less wasted formula! First Years Bottle Warmer: Quick and effective (and cheap!). It fits most bottles (Playtex VentAire AVENT Dr. Brown's Medela) etc. but not the super-wide ones (MAM Similac Tommee Tippee). Boon Lawn Drying Rack: I don't like sacrificing style for function.  This drying rack will hold your pump parts and bottles and is such a pretty accent in the kitchen.
1 Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper: We use this as a bassinet in our room vs. a co-sleeper but it's much easier (and more comforting) having baby sleep in our room during the first few months. Graco Pack and Play: This is her second favorite napping spot (see below). We keep it in the living room. The newborn napper's sides keep her feeling cozy and secure. Aiden+Anais Swaddles: We've found swaddling to be a critical part of a good night's sleep.  The breathable fabric and large size make anyone a swaddling pro. Cloud B Sleep Sheep: Another key element in the sleep equation!  The white noise soothes baby to sleep and the sheep is super cute.
1 Fisher-Price Snug-a-bunny Swing: Widely recognized by parents everywhere as a miracle swing.  Lulls a fussy baby to sleep but is also a fun place to hang out. Skiphop Play Mat: Baby loves hanging out here.  It's such a high-quality mat with lots of toys and textures to discover. Sophie the Giraffe: This ubiquitous teething toy is squeaky and chewy and it's the perfect toy to practice baby's first grip with. B. Blocks: These super-soft bright blocks are a fun way to learn numbers 1 – 10.
1 Uppababy Vista 2012: The Mercedes of strollers – tons more features than the Bugaboo Chameleon.  Higher weight capacity; add-ons like rain cover are included; basket is bigger and stroller seat and bassinet have their own frames so you don't need to switch. Unlike the Cham you can also add a rumble seat and a ride-along board and fit 3 kids on it!. Boba 3G Carrier: Carry baby from newborn (chest) to 45 pounds (back) with great back support for you and proper posture support for baby. Lots of thoughtful design features – it even comes with a rain hood and foot straps for older kids.  Note that front-facing carriers like the Baby Bjorn are no longer recommended because they are bad for baby's spine. Chicco Keyfit 30: The best car seat hands down.  Compatible with the Uppababy stroller when you buy the adapter.  I definitely recommend making a car seat inspection appointment a month or two before your due date.  This is a free service provided by local police departments and AAA offices but note that sometimes there is a waiting list so you should plan to do this early.  Click here for a list of locations. Bricca Car Mirror: So glad we have this.  It makes such a difference being able to see baby when I'm driving.
1 Skiphop Versa  Diaper Bag: I can't believe there are so few stylish diaper bag choices out there.  I love this one!  It looks just like a purse (that you wouldn't be embarrassed to wear on a daily basis) and has so many pockets and storage compartments.  Also comes with a changing pad. Aqua Scale Bathtub: The bathtub works really well and it's super helpful being able to weigh baby (especially during the first months when weight gain is so important) and know the water temperature. Diaper Dekor: Better than Diaper Genie. Keeps that diaper smell contained and the bags are really easy to change. Motorola Monitor: Provides great peace of mind.  The night vision works really well and you can add multiple cameras in different rooms.


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