Baby Nail Care: Zo-li Buzz B Nail Trimmer Review

zo-li buzz b baby nail trimmerIt’s been 11 weeks and I’ve been too afraid to put clippers to my sweet little girl’s nails.  Who knew baby nail care could be so stressful? First of all, Olivia is a serious squirmer. Second, I’m pretty clumsy.  That’s not a combination conducive to clipping a baby’s nails.  So, we’ve been using the Zo-li Buzz B. Baby Nail Trimmer to file her nails when they get out of control (twice a week or so).  I bought it when I was pregnant and reading about how scary clipping a baby’s nails is.  I even packed it in our hospital bag since I read that her nails might be super long when she was born. It turned out her nails were long-ish, but they were still too soft, and they curled over her fingertips, so there was no need to file. The nurses made fun of us.  My parents thought we were crazy (and begged us to let them clip her nails).  Anyway, now that we’ve been using it for a while, I thought I’d write up a mini review.

The Buzz B. is really boo-boo proof.  If the file touches baby’s fingertips (which it will), it doesn’t hurt at all.  It comes with four different files with textures by age range, and there are two filing speeds. I use the fast setting with the blue (3-6m) file even though she’s only 11 weeks.  All of the files except for the orange (12m+) are fairly delicate. Olivia actually really enjoys the filing when she’s in a calm, alert mood or when she’s eating. Ultimately, the Buzz B doesn’t work as well as I imagine clipping would BUT that far outweighs the possibility of puncturing O’s skin with nail clippers.

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