Olivia at 54 Weeks: 12 Month Doctor’s Visit and the Beach

This week, Olivia:

  • Had her 12 month doctor’s appointment.  O weighs 20 pounds and is 32 inches tall! She had two shots this time, and although she seemed to cry harder, or with more awareness, she was back to her silly self by the time she was back in her car seat.  It still pains me every time.
  • Went to the beach! She loved wading in the water, and watching other kids splash and play.  As with any new environment she experiences, she usually sticks by daddy’s side as she observes her surroundings.  This photo captured it perfectly!
  • Is more clingy and snuggly and has definitely entered a “mommy” phase!  She will often “check in” with me by running over, hugging my legs, and saying “up”  You can truly see her struggle with independence. She also gets into these modes in which she wants to sit on my lap, and once she’s there she immediately gets down to play, and then comes back again and says “up”.
  • She also does this super cute thing where, if we’re sitting on the floor, she will walk right up to us, turn around and take a seat in the crook of our arm or leg.
  • Is extra talkative.  She will babble whole paragraphs in a sing-songy voice.  And she is louder, too!
  • Tried Mexican food for the first time, and really liked it!  She had some black beans, rice and a bit of shredded chicken and pork
  • Sings along to Row, Row, Row Your Boat (“row, row, row”) and Old MacDonald (“ei-ei-ei-ei”)
  • Repeats “I love you” more frequently and has even said it unprompted a couple of times (although I’m not sure if she knows what it really means yet)
  • Is WAY more restless at the store and reaches out for things on the shelves.  Halfway through, she starts to fuss in the cart, so we take her out and wear her in the Boba Air.  I’m still not sure if this is Wonder Week 55 behavior, or just the “new normal” as O develops more independence (along with the confidence) to allow her to act on her curiosity.
  • Said “walk” when I picked up my handbag.  Unless this was a fluke, I think she put together that when I grab my bag, it means we’re going on our daily walk!
  • Sniffed a flower when I asked her to try smelling it. And smiled.

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