Olivia at 21 Months: Week 94

Another week, more changes as we try to get settled! We moved into a new house this week, and O started daycare here. When Mike and I dropped her off, she started playing and didn’t even glance back at us – I think she was just so happy to be back at school! Unfortunately, she picked up a bug immediately and developed a really bad ear infection. We went to the new pediatrician (what isn’t new these days?!), and Olivia actually let her look in her ears. This one clearly has a magic touch!

The highlight of our weekend was being reunited with our besties, who moved here last August. Olivia and Olive had so much fun splashing in the pool, and eating sushi and ice cream!

This week, Olivia:

  • Put her hand in a ziploc bag and said, “Look! It’s a hand baggie!!”
  • Calls the wind chime outside “birdie music”
  • Said, “doctor took out Livy’s earwax” when Mike got home from work. It’s so incredible to me how her memory has evolved to the point where she’s able to recount events that took place earlier in the day.
  • Throws mini tantrums when it’s time to get dressed. I’ve found that if I can quickly distract her, it’s almost as though a switch flips and she’s instantly in a good mood again. Ahh, toddlerhood!
  • Likes to water the plants.

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  1. Love reading about your adventures – hope you’re all settling in and enjoying the new surroundings. Just a quick question – do you remember if you had difficulties on the transition down to one nap? My little girl is 16.5 months and for the last month has been fighting her second nap. So most days she was napping at 10 in the morning for an hour then nothing until bedtime. I’m tryng one big nap at noon but now she is waking between 3am and 5am… argh!! She used to do a 9.30am nap and a 2pm nap and sleep thu the night 7pm-7am. It’s all so confusing! thanks and love

    • Thanks so much, Maria! I finally caught up on my weekly updates 🙂 yes, O was doing the same – only taking her morning nap and refusing to sleep on her second. I think I gradually moved her nap later over the course of a week. How long does she sleep when she goes down at noon? Also, what happens between 3-5? Does she cry or just chatter? Sometimes a “shhhh” in the monitor helps O go back to sleep if she wakes up too early from a nap, so maybe that would work? It’s so funny, even if she’s standing up, she’ll hear the “shhhh” and lie back down!

  2. Thanks so much for the quick reply! I didn’t gradually move her morning nap later so maybe that is upsetting her. One morning she was taking a nap at 9.30am and the next day straight to 11.30am. She seems to be napping for a couple of hours and she is awake by 1.30pm. It is still quite a long afternoon for her to go from 1.30 to 7pm bedtime so she is probably very overtired. I suppose the optimum is to aim for a 12-2pm nap? Maybe I need to go back to 2 naps and try moving it gradually pushing her morning nap to midday? Between 3am – 5am she is pretty much screaming until I go in and hold her. She also seems very wide awake at that time in the morning which I think are classic overtired symptoms.

    Also, she is about to enter wonder week 75… so maybe that’s adding to the chaos!

    Did you still put Olivia down for an afternoon nap while you were pushing her morning nap later? thanks again… this is such a big help!

  3. Love reading all your posts. My daughter is only 13 months but its helpful to see lots of similarities.

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