Olivia at 20 Months: Week 88

This week, Olivia:

  • Was so excited to be back at school after our vacation. As soon as she saw her favorite teacher, she started running around the classroom shouting gleefully 🙂
  • Responded, “Tuesday” when we asked her what day it was. It was Tuesday. I know was a coincidence, BUT it’s still pretty cool since they’ve been learning the days of the week at school.
  • Was in a great mood this week, definitely less fussy and clingy.
  • Likes to narrate what we’re doing. The best is “Mommy’s makin’ coffee over there”
  • Likes to read On the Night You Were Born, which was the first book I read to her when we came home from the hospital after she was born. It still brings tears to my eyes!
  • Says, “Who’s that little guy?” and points to the characters in her books.
  • Knows all of her friends’ names at school.
  • Had a play date with her friend Blaire. It’s so cool watching them interact now that their personalities are starting to develop. My favorite moment happened when O sat down on this Ybike and Blaire started pushing her around the room.

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