Olivia at 19 Months: Week 85

Olivia had her first ear infection (probably from the lingering runny nose and cough she’s had for the past month since she started day care) and a (suspected) case of double pink eye. She was sent home from school on Monday afternoon, and when I picked her up, she had these huge red bags under her eyes. I’m not convinced it was pink eye since the whites of her eyes weren’t red at all despite being really goopy. The doctor prescribed two types of antibiotics to be taken twice daily – amoxicillin for her ear infection and erythromycin cream for her eyes. For those wondering how soon the antibiotics kick in, Olivia started looking and feeling better after 2-3 doses.

This week, Olivia:


  • Continues to throw mini tantrums at home when she’s either tired or sleepy. This infographic on the left was especially helpful in allowing me to identify Olivia’s personality type and decode what may be driving the tantrum.
  • Is more clingy, especially with me.
  • Loves this Fisher-Price “Farmer Says” toy now that she understands how to work it.
  • Is more interested in books again, although she only wants to read them herself. This Curious George Shapes book is a favorite.
  • Ate spaghetti and meatballs with a fork.
  • Runs over to the potty in the bathroom when she needs to go.
  • Likes to pretend she’s a doggy.
  • Likes to fill a big cup with water and pour it at bath time.
  • Her play cooking with her Fisher-Price Kitchen has become more advanced – she puts her pizza in a pan, puts it in the oven, turns the oven on, takes the pan out and sits down to eat the pizza with a fork.
  • Sings: Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Happy Birthday, Wheels on the Bus, and various Wiggles songs.
  • Laughed at a show and started interacting with it by yelling at the cartoon doggie to be careful. Speaking of TV, she LOVES the Wiggles. At first, they drove me nuts, but their songs and silly antics have totally grown on me. We try to limit her TV watching to 45 minutes – 1 hour per day, and for the most part it works, but I’m definitely not as strict as I thought I would be before having Olivia.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the ear infection/double pink eye! Oh man! I just noticed that Olivia runs over to the potty when she needs to go….wow, you started potty training already! I am starting to think about it, but can’t even imagine! Hope you’re well!

    • Thanks, Jody! Thankfully, the ear/eye craziness is behind us. And as for the potty training, that’s the extent of it – going over to it and sitting on it fully clothed. 😛

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