Olivia at 16 Months: Week 73

I thought we had escaped Wonder Week 75 (which begins around Week 71), but Olivia had a few particularly fussy days this week.  She wasn’t as easygoing as she normally is, and was pretty clingy.  In fact, for the past week, she has even been crying when I drop her off at the gym daycare!  When I return from my workout, I find out that she’s fine right after I leave, but has to be held almost the entire time! That’s really unlike her; she didn’t even protest the first time I took her there!

This week, Olivia:

  • Counts her fingers and toes!  She usually repeats “one, two, one, two” but has gone up to four a few times!
  • Sings the dreidel song
  • Saw her first Christmas tree and called it a “basketball tree” (it had large red and gold ornaments hanging on it, haha)
  • Waved at the kids and floats in our annual holiday parade
  • Continues to amaze me with her memory. She recognized and said “Mickey Mouse” even though she’s seen him maybe once or twice a while back
  • Says “yummy in tummy” when she’s eats something she likes. Quite possibly one of my favorite things to hear, ever.
  • Asks for what she wants by saying, “Cheerios? Okay.” or “Snack? Snack? Snack? Okay.” Haha, she’s preempting us just in case we were considering saying no.
  • Says “fire hot boo-boo” whenever she sees the fire pit at the hotel
  • Likes the Dear Zoo book I got her after our visit to the zoo last weekend. It’s so cute when we reach the last page.  She lifts the flap and says, “a puppyyyy!”
  • Hands me a water bottle or a bag or pouch and asks me to “open”
  • Likes to hand me books to read her and then climbs all over me while I read them (I think this goes hand in hand with her WW 75 clingyness)

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