Stasher silicone food storage bag review

Stasher silicone food storage bag

Now that I’m packing school lunches for two, I find myself using 4-6 plastic ziploc bags PER DAY (one for the sandwich, one for veggie and one for the fruit or sweet treat)! It’s not just costly, but completely wasteful and bad for the environment. The stasher silicone food storage bag is a great alternative to disposable ziploc bags. They’re made of food-grade silicone (BPA free), come in different sizes and are perfect for school lunches! What’s also convenient is the fact that they’re self sealing and airtight, which means no spills and unlike Tupperware containers they don’t take up a lot of space and you don’t need to go searching for the lid! Simply put your snack in, burp it to remove any air, then fold it over and press on the seal to make the bag airtight.

The other surprising use for stasher bags is you can actually cook food IN them. Some people use stasher bags for sous vide cooking, which I haven’t tried yet but we have steamed veggies in them in a pinch (since they’re microwave-safe). Just make sure the stasher silicone food storage bag has a little water in it and you leave it a little open. I’ve also stored leftovers in the freezer and the bag seems to hold up fine through the defrosting process.

If you’re tired of using disposable bags and looking for something more earth-friendly, I definitely recommend giving the stasher bag a try!

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