OXO Sprout High Chair Review

It’s time to review another product that I continue to love the more I use it – the OXO Sprout High Chair.  Here’s the rundown on my top three reasons why I think the OXO Sprout is one of the best high chairs on the market.


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1) Design – Now, I’m no design maven by any stretch, but I’m very particular – especially since there’s so much baby stuff on the market that forces you to compromise style over function. High chairs, pack and plays, exersaucers, activity centers – it would be nice if these objects could really blend in to existing décor – or even look stylish – instead of clashing. The OXO high chair actually adds to my décor instead of detracting from it. My only regret with this chair is that I didn’t get the walnut wood finish to match our dining room table (and every other piece of furniture in our house!!). The dark wood comes with a lime green, pink or taupe cushion, and I was so set on orange that I didn’t realize I could buy extra cushions separately and mix-and-match!

2) Use and Versatility – I really appreciate the fact that the large tray has a recess to contain spills of up to 7 ounces (luckily, we haven’t tested that feature yet!!) and that I can quickly adjust or slide it out with one hand. This chair also grows with your little one, all the way from infant to picky “threenager” and beyond!  It holds kids up to 60 pounds, and converts into a youth chair once your child reaches three years. And I can adjust the seat height, seat depth and foot rest without having to break out the tool box.  Plus, back to my comments above, if we ever get tired of orange (doubtful), we can switch out the cushions!

3) Cleaning – I love how easy it is to clean the OXO Sprout high chair.  There’s no fabric, so those stubborn blueberry or tomato sauce stains wash off with ease! For more thorough cleanings, I remove the cushions (really easy; they’re attached with heavy duty velcro) and vacuum any crumbs that may have gotten wedged underneath.  I also wipe the cushions down with a soapy cloth.  The cushion material looks and feels like leather and even though it isn’t, I’m so glad to know that the entire chair is BPA, phthalate and PVC free.

So, there you have it!  The OXO Sprout High Chair is one of my favorite products.  But don’t take my word for it; here are some photos of Olivia enjoying her first solids – and some more recent meals – in it!


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