Olivia at 7 Weeks

This week we sort of started getting the hang of a routine. Head up to bed around 8:30/9PM, put Olivia’s PJs on, talk quietly or read a book, feed, swaddle and go to bed. While her sleep was quite restless the past couple of weeks (my guess is Wonder Week 5 was in full effect), she seems so much calmer this week. I’m sure the routine helps a lot. Also this week, O made the transition from eating 2.5 oz every 2 hours or so to eating 3 – 3.5 every three hours!

It’s so incredible to watch her develop each week. She’s started being more alert and awake, crying way less and smiling way more. Her eyes are so big and beautiful as they observe the world around her and take everything in.

Olivia loves: staring out the window, her play mat, bird whistles, “Twinkle Twinkle/ABC”, diaper changes, baths, getting dressed (in fact she is so sweet and patient as we stumble through bathing her or putting a onesie over her head), having her nails filed (!) and pretending to hold her bottle like a big girl.

I love: her smile, her poop face, the way she smells after a nap, the way she looks up at me, everything about her.

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