Olivia at 14 Weeks

We reached a pretty big milestone this week – rolling over! Olivia gave us a glimpse of it 2 weeks ago when she rolled once but completely forgot about it. Well, she can now officially roll over from her back to her stomach all on her own!  It’s so crazy how it started.  The day after her 3 month birthday, I put her on her mat for tummy time and noticed a dramatic improvement in head control.  Literally overnight.  She was able to hold her head up at almost a 90 degree angle for a long time.  The following day, she started pulling her feet towards her mouth while on her back, and then when I put her on her mat, she promptly brought her legs up, used them to turn over on her side, and then rolled over on to her stomach.  It took her a good 15 minutes of struggling, and I had to help her with her right arm, which was pinned underneath her.  As soon as she was on her tummy, she gave me a very satisfied smile!  The following day, it took a little less time, and by Saturday she was rolling like a pro with no assistance.  She is now a rolling machine.  As soon as she is put down on her back, she’ll roll to her tummy and then get mad.  Not sure if it’s because she can’t roll back to her back, or because of the fact that she can’t crawl once she’s on her tummy (which she tries SO hard to do), but I’m really hoping she calms down soon.  Up until a few days ago, she loved being on her mat and would spend some solo time on it each day.  Now I have to either roll her back or distract her every five minutes, so she can’t just relax and play.  Also, she only rolls towards the right so far.

Interestingly, the night she completed her first unassisted roll, she had an almost 8 hour stretch of sleep!!  On Saturday night, she also started rolling in her bassinet after breaking out of her swaddle. We’re still deciding how to handle that one, and whether to partially swaddle or to drop the swaddle altogether.

Other interesting developments: O now grips our fingers when we feed her, which is the cutest.  She totally recognizes books now, and smiles when we read Where’s Baby’s Bellybutton.  Her new favorite book is Twinkle Toes. She’s just so much more engaged in books this week – they even manage to calm her down when she’s a bit fussy.  She also uses her feet to reach for objects, and when she remembers she has toes, she grabs them and tries to bring them to her mouth.

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  1. I love reading your posts, I’m a new first time mom & am getting lots of ideas on new things to try with my daughter. Also loved your 12 week routine, mine: very similar!

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