Olivia at 12 Weeks

This week was intense, but hopefully Wonder Week 12 and the 12 week growth spurt will soon be behind us.

On Monday, Olivia started waking to eat every three hours during the night, and she officially made the transition from eating 3 ounces to 4.  During her daytime feedings, she started getting really distracted – looking around, pushing her bottle away, then pulling it back, chewing on the nipple.  Her usual 20 minute feedings turned into hour-long ones. At the end of the week, we graduated to medium flow nipples (the Playtex VentAire are the slowest) and that seemed to help a bit.

So, while this week seemed to drag by, Olivia was hard at work developing some new skills.

She is starting to imitate faces – three in particular: pouty-lip sad face, mouth wide open and tongue sticking out.  She especially loves when her dad makes the pouty sad face.  She laughs and then tries to imitate him.

On Tuesday, O rolled over – first from her back to her side, then from her side to her stomach.  It took a while, and she hasn’t done it since, but it’s still a big milestone!

But above all, the theme for this week was grabbing: our clothes, the bottle, the fish tail from her book and bringing it to her mouth, her hanging bird toy (and also bringing it to her mouth), and her other hanging toy with her feet and then reaching for it with her hand!

It really is incredible being able to witness her development as it happens.  I’m so thankful for maternity leave and am so in denial about it coming to an end soon.

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