Olivia at 11 Weeks

Just as we were sleeping through the night, O decided to change things up on us during the first part of the week.  I’ve been anticipating Wonder Week 12, so I’m not sure if I’m reading into her behavior, but she was definitely super fussy and clingy in the evenings between 5 and 8 (the only way she would quiet down is if she was being held, so I got some good use out of the BOBA 3G and the Moby Wrap) and waking up multiple times during the night.  She also didn’t have much of  an appetite for a couple of days – it was a struggle to get her to eat.

The other new development this week was crazy head rubbing!  At first, I was worried that something was wrong, but she doesn’t do it all the time. I think it’s only when she’s tired.  But boy does she rub! It started with the right hand (rubbing the top right side of her head), and it progressed to both hands, both sides. By yesterday, she was also grabbing on to her ears.

She’s also starting to notice her legs and feet.  She’s definitely touching them more.  We’re still waiting for her to be mesmerized by her hands, though.  We keep trying to show them to her, but I don’t think it works that way – she needs to discover them on her own.

Another big leap was in the way she vocalizes.  She plays with her voice more now, and her coos are longer. She’s even let out a laugh and a few happy yells.

Loves: Watching us chew food (the more exaggerated the better), the “Yes/No” game (nodding head up and down and saying “Yes”, shaking head side to side and saying “No”), talking to her refection in the mirror on her play mat, bath time.

Favorite books: A You’re Adorable, Where Is Baby’s Bellybutton?, Everyone Poops, Fishy Tails

Favorite songs: ABC, Twinkle Twinkle, C is for Cookie (she stopped her kicking and just sat transfixed when this one came on the Pandora Toddler station)

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