Olivia at 10 Weeks

Week 10 was a busy week!

Olivia had her two month checkup and vaccinations on Monday.  I was terrified; when we had our Hep B #2 shot, Olivia’s reaction was excruciating to watch, and now there were four shots to deal with!  Luckily, hubby was able to take a break from work and meet us at the doctor’s office.  We both held her as she got two shots in each leg, and she really handled it like a champ.  The highlight of the doctor’s visit was getting O’s official stats – 11 pounds 4 ounces, 24 inches tall (the nurse measured 26, and I thought, “no way” so I re-measured when we got home) and 16” head circumference.

That night (and the following day) she had a mild fever and trouble sleeping, but was back at it on Tuesday night to show off a new skill – playing with a toy by actively grabbing it! We spent the rest of the week practicing grabbing other toys, but this one was her favorite, probably because the ball lights up when you touch it.

Sleep-wise, she seems to be doing better.  This week she slept from around 9 – 2:30 and 3 – 5:30.

Two other big milestones – Olivia had her first playdate on Friday with her friend Olive, who is 4 weeks old.  They probably didn’t have as much fun as their mommies, but still!  We also had our first sushi date as a family.  O woke up halfway through dinner, but she really enjoyed looking at all of the brightly colored sushi rolls!

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