Olivia at 26 Months: Week 117

This week, Olivia:

  • Loves her two new books: Little Humans and The Book with No Pictures. She memorized Little Humans in a couple of days and is so sweet when she reads it (video below). After I posted the video on Instagram, I was so excited to find a couple of comments from the author (the creator of HONY)! The Book With No Pictures is just silly and funny. It reminds me of one of our all-time favorites, The Monster at the End of This Book
  • Draws O, V and other letters pretty well (they’re recognizable, at least :))
  • Tried her first crab roll. She was more impressed with the bun 😛 I, however, loved my lobster roll. Next time, I’m going to order her the good stuff!
  • Likes to go fishing with this Melissa & Doug magnetic puzzle
  • Keeps talking about “witches in the air” when she walks into a dark room. They’ve been learning about Halloween at school 😛

Favorite quotes of the week:

  • “Where did daddy get his haircut? From somebody else’s hand?
  • “Daddy, I like your haircut. And I like your shirt and your pants, too”
  • “I no want a pancake with a leaf on it” – when she saw them being served with a parsley garnish
  • “I no want to go to see attle”

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