Olivia at 25 Months: Week 111

This week, Olivia:

  • Went back to the zoo! She’s getting pretty resistant to the stroller and wanted to either run around or be carried (no in between!). We had a lot of fun, as always, and O got a special kick out of the flamingos for some reason. She stood there, giggling to herself as she watched them.
  • Played in a dinosaur-themed bouncy house for the first time. It took a bit of coaxing to get her in there, and then she was only mildly impressed 🙂
  • Randomly told us she wants to go to Lego Land. We’ve never even mentioned it before, so she must have heard it at school.
  • Is starting to show an interest in musical instruments. She made a beeline for this Melissa & Doug grand piano at the toy store and loves making music on her xylophone, another gift from daddy! Even though she’s been playing with her M&D alphabet puzzle a lot lately, I was pretty impressed when she made an X out of her xylophone sticks and said “Look! An x ray.” (the puzzle has an image of an x-ray for the “X”)

Favorite quote this week (in addition to the ones above):

“I make my onions cry”

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