Olivia at 25 Months: Week 110

This week, Olivia:

  • Had her first dentist visit! I wish I could have been there but hubby was more than up for the challenge! He took the day off and turned it into a daddy-daughter date complete with ice cream and a trip to the toy store! Since I prepped her the week leading up to it by telling her the dentist was going to “tickle her teeth”, O did pretty well. She even got to pick the toothpaste flavor the dentist used to clean her teeth (chocolate) and came home with a nice new tooth brush.
  • Asked me to draw Thomas. When I was finished, she asked me to  “Draw a #1 on his side.”!! She continues to be obsessed with all things Thomas, and loves to read Thomas’ ABC Book at bedtime.
  • Loves playing with her new wooden puzzles, especially this Melissa & Doug See-Inside Alphabet Puzzle. She dumps all of the pieces out and is getting really good at remembering what each letter of the alphabet stands for.
  • Says, “Aww, man!” if she drops or spills something. It’s so cute!

Favorite quotes this week:

  • “Livy got a kitty in her house called Chewy Meow Meow”
  • Me: “What time is it?” O-“Twenty-Five” For some reason, it’s always “twenty-five” whenever I ask.
  • “Thomas is the most beautiful train I ever saw”
  • “Give me that.” (We’re working on “please”)

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