Olivia at 13 Months: Week 59

I can’t believe we’re in our second-to-last Wonder Week phase!  And what a little person Olivia has become! Wonder Week 64 has been pretty tame so far, and I notice that the older O gets, the less pronounced the phases are.  The 3 Cs (clinginess, crankiness, and crying) are definitely not as bad as they were in Wonder Weeks 8,12 and 19.  Since Wonder Weeks are based on due date and not your child’s actual birth date, Olivia will technically be entering the Wonder Week 64 stormy period this week.  So far, she has been a bit crankier and whines or yells pretty loudly if she doesn’t get what she wants, especially if she’s overtired.  She also had a couple of days in which she took longer to fall asleep and even missed a few naps (after babbling in her crib for an hour).

This week, Olivia:

  • Loves to name facial features on herself and others, “hair”, “ear”, “eye”, “mouth” (she just learned this one). For example, she’ll say “eye” as she points to her eye, and then point to mine.
  • Likes to copy the actions in From Head to Toe.  She really likes Eric Carle books in general, but this one is a favorite this week.
  • Says, “Hi, you” to strangers.
  • Loves to play with her shoes (her Toms in particular).  She lines them up in various places throughout the house, and opens and closes the velcro flaps.
  • Likes to hang out by one of the small sets of carpeted stairs we have.  She’ll climb up to the second stair with a book and sit there and read.  After a while, she’ll practice getting down, and then climbs right back up!
  • Is especially silly and giggly.  She laughs at funny faces and sounds, and even amuses herself with her own inside jokes.
  • Runs around a corner to hide and then pops out, runs towards us and says “boo!”
  • Gets really excited when it’s time to go for a walk, and likes to walk independently.  She sometimes bats our hands away or tries to escape when we hold her hand.
  • Gave me a leaf she found on the ground.
  • Has another tooth coming in – her top right first molar.  That makes nine teeth so far!!

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