Boba Air Baby Carrier Review

This is SO long overdue! I mentioned how in love I am with my Boba Air baby carrier in my recent post on travel, but it really deserves its own review since it’s one of the best baby purchases we’ve made. I can’t tell you how often mommies stop to ask me about it – in Target, at the airport, the park, the zoo – and I’m always more than happy to go on about the Boba Air like it’s my job!

Just in case you don’t have time to read the whole post, here’s my executive summary:

The Boba Air is lightweight (11 oz)  and compact (it folds neatly into itself) without sacrificing the features of a “regular” carrier (sleeping hood, front / back carry, adjustable straps).  It’s made of nylon, so it’s super easy to clean. And, at $65, it is a steal!

We use our Boba Air on a daily basis for walks and quick trips to the store. The fact that it’s so compact means I can easily throw it in whatever bag I’m wearing that day, or in the bottom of the stroller. We always have it with us just in case Olivia gets tired of sitting in her stroller on longer walks or trips to the mall. Just today we were shopping at Target when O decided she’d had enough of sitting in the cart.  I put her in the Boba Air, and was able to finish wandering down the aisles throwing random stuff in my cart shopping for household necessities (hah!).  Sometimes a change in vantage point is all she needs to stop fussing!

One of my biggest pet peeves about baby carriers is that the straps are all over the place, and you can never just put them away neatly (I’m a tad OCD in case you couldn’t tell). So I appreciate the fact that the Boba Air folds nicely into its own little pouch. And although the straps have no padding (especially as compared to the regular Boba), I haven’t found that to be an issue so far.  The straps are also really easy to adjust, and hubby and I often take turns carrying O without any hassle.

We have the regular Boba 3G and the Boba Air, and while both are fantastic, the Air is made of ultra lightweight nylon parachute material, which means that I tend to use it a lot more – especially when it’s warm out! I’ve only thrown it in the wash once (when we got back from traveling and I wanted to wash the “airplane germs” off), but it totally held up.

With the Boba Air, you have the option of front or back carry, and while we’ve mainly used it for front so far (this is one of my favorite ways to sneak cuddles in with Olivia, since she’s always on the move), we will definitely start to work the back carry in, especially as she gets heavier (it can hold little ones from 15-45 pounds)

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  1. Great review! This is new to me … I L O V E my ergo but it is definitely not as compact. What a great product!

    • Thanks so much 🙂 It’s especially great for travel, so if you don’t have room to pack the Ergo, this is a great option!

  2. Hi there!

    Thanks for the review! Would you reccomend this carrier for longer trips (2-3hours, with breaks of course) for older bubs (9kg onwards)? Would it be comfortable?

    My 8month old DD is getting heavier and carrying her in the adjustable peanutshell has been killing me months ago! Lol

    Definitely love the idea that this carrier is lightweight and folds away well.

    • Hi Angeline, thanks for stopping by! We haven’t taken a long hike in it yet, but have gone for about 1hr or so. Olivia is about 10kg and I didn’t have any problems. True, there is minimal/no padding in the shoulders, but that doesn’t bother me at all. If you get uncomfortable halfway in to your trip, you could always flip her around and back carry so you’re not in the same position the whole time. Hope this helps, let us know how it works out if you wind up getting it 🙂

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