Olivia at 35 Weeks (8 Months): Wonder Week 37

baby-at-8-monthsPhew, it feels like so much happened this week! First off, I’m pretty sure we’re in Wonder Week 37 territory. I should probably bite my tongue, but this one hasn’t had too much of a stormy period for us. Wonder Weeks are counted by due date, and since Olivia was a week late, technically this was Week 36, which is supposed to be the peak of the “stormy period”. Of course now that I write that, I’m probably in for some fun! For us, this was less so of an consistent all-week thing (like Wonder Week 19) than a bunch of isolated incidents that were out of the norm: fussing with the bottle and eating less, waking up at an odd hour and crying pretty hard (until I held her, calmed her down and put her back in her crib), and having a couple of clingy days where she wanted to be held like a baby.

This week, Olivia:

  • Is becoming even more independent – she doesn’t like being held, wants to crawl around, explore and hang out in her little book nook reading through her favorites and also hates when I pull food out of her mouth (which I do rarely, if she’s taken a piece that’s too big)
  • Likes to cough and make a gagging noise for attention. When we look at her, she stops and smiles.
  • Gave “kisses” a couple of times, which was more like her just leaning in all the way to my face with her mouth open
  • Likes to pull down the front of my shirt and look in 🙂
  • Had a couple of days where she drooled quite a bit. Come on, teeth, I’m ready for you!! I have a teething necklace and everything!
  • Started playing “catch” with her favorite ball. We’ll sit facing each other, and I’ll roll the ball to her, she’ll grab it and kind of throw it back. Of course it winds up going in the opposite direction, but it’s still really cool. This ball is awesome because it’s also a rattle, really bendy and easy to grab. She loves it!
  • Wants to be held, but as soon as she is, wants to jump out of our arms to play
  • Waves hello to us and to her reflection
  • Kisses her reflection in the mirror in the Curious George book
  • Ate chicken on her 8 month birthday. I gave her a Plum Pasta and Chicken Training Meal and she was tentative at first, taking little tiny bits of the spoon and playing with the texture a bit before diving in like she normally does.
  • Went to the zoo! So, this was interesting because I think we saw a combination of stranger anxiety and Wonder Week 37 storminess here. As soon as my friend’s husband (who she had never met before) said hello to her, she started crying super hard. We took her out of the stroller and she clung to daddy, clutched his shirt and acted very confused and scared. At one point, I tried to take her from him, and she did NOT want to let go of him. She wound up spending most of the time being carried by daddy in the Boba Air, which I am SO glad we brought. She really didn’t get comfortable or back to her laughing, smiley self until the end of our visit. It was so strange seeing her like that because she’s normally so happy.

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